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beatles_claim's Journal

Claim Beatle related things
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Claim anything to do with The Beatles!
This is a Beatles claiming community. The rules are simple:
You can claim anything Beatles related. (That includes community inside jokes and such).
You can only claim up to five things at the moment, the number may change later.
Let's be mature about this.
There will be a list of things claimed that I will update as much as I can.
You can only claim in a post. Don't claim via comments, that's lame and you'll be rejected.
When you post, make the post title say "I hereby claim..." then state your claim in the post.
Be creative!
If your person/thing is taken, then you can share if they agree with you. No more than three shares per thing. Mmkay?
You can whore out another community if it is either a. Beatle related or b. claiming community related.
Have fun. :)

Les mods new_mantra et jiyu_chan

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